About Hemi.Zone

Welcome to my site!  My name is Hemi Trickey, wife, mother, and a woman in technology. I’ve always been fascinated by the ever-changing face and pace of technology while at times uneasy about its implications on our lives and our society.  By education and by profession, I design or advise the creation of technology, especially software systems of all kinds.  As an ordinary citizen going about my own personal life, I tend to be the first to embrace a new piece of technology and promote its benefits to others. On the other hand, I observe and reflect on what’s happening around us (not the least of which virtually or digitally) and am uneasy at times about where this is all going to take us.

We live in a world that overwhelms us with willing and unwilling change forces and with relentless competition for our attention.  We are conflicted about what we experience, think, and desire.

We trust what our phones tell us (e.g. following every turn Google Maps direction tells us), and yet we don’t trust any news reporting if it doesn’t align with what we’d like to believe.  Our technology is advancing at an exponential rate changing the fundamental ways of operating in every aspect of our lives, and yet our society, our laws and ethics are struggling to recognize and cope with the ever widening gap.

Rather than letting ourselves be mindlessly taken over by technology, I’d like to think that we can all contribute to shaping our future, positively.